How to Install

Step-1:Connection process:

1) Step 1: ISP line or wimax modem line is connect with switch.
2) Step 2: Use another two cable, one is connected to your pc/laptop and another is connected from your gateway device. That's all
3) Step 3: Set the following IP Parameters to your gateway:
4) IP:
5) Mask:
6) Default Gw:
7) Step 4 : Allow IP to accept voip calls on your gateway.
8) Step 5: Provide us Your PC/Laptop Full MAC Address with (:) colon like: 00:0C:29:51:97:E2 Pulpit rock

Installation Process of Puppy Version.

Step-1: Download VPN Optimizer ISO.

Please download vbd iso file from here Download viberbd ISO After downloading follow the following step.

Step-2: Download LinuxLive USB Installer & Run

2.1) Please download Linux Live USB Generator (LiLi) from here Download LinuxLive After downloading follow the following step.

2.2) Select the "drive name of your pen drive" from dropdown menu (Choose Your Key)
2.3) Click on the ISO / IMG / ZIP and select the VBD ISO which one you downloaded in step-2.
2.4) Check/Tick the box "Format the key in FAT32″ for format your pendrive.
2.5) Finally press the button and after few minutes install will be finished.

Step-3: Restart Your PC

At last restart your PC/Laptop and change the boot priority first USB External Device than save & quite. Now your viberbd Local PC is ready.